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Hi Michel,Yes, I do have work experience in France, in Paris. The situation there is quite different: they are not surrounded by anglophones and can safely assume that everyone speaks only french, so the working language is french, as are all internal documents.Comments, however, are usually written in the same mixture of english and french as they are here in Quebec, although the “franglicismes” – the newly minted words that are a mash-up between french and english – are different, mostly because there are less purely french words that replace english words and are commonly used (which may seem surprising).As an example, take “E-mail”. In France, they use the english word (E-mail) rather than the new french “courriel”. The “académie française” (which is a group of so-called “immortals” of literary prowess) only recently adopted the word “courriel” but it is still not widely used.AFAIK, it is not illegal, in France, to write internal documentation in english, no matter the size of the company. However, it is very unlikely that all of your colleagues will be able to read the document if you don’t write it in french. They are usually also a lot more pedantic on the grammar and spelling of the written french, which stems from the way they are taught in school. This means, for example, that two words that are pronounced the same but do not mean the same thing are not as interchangeable in French french as in Québécois french. One striking example is the use of é vs. er (regardé vs. regarder) which are used very interchangeably here in Quebec. The kind of spelling and grammar “mistakes” that this incurs would be frowned upon in France.In the Netherlands, everyone is expected to speak at least one other language – usually english – and be proficient in that other language. In computing, you are usually expected to be fluent in english. The Netherlands are simply too small to be able to refuse, as much as the french do, to speak another language. I hardly have any professional experience developing in the Netherlands, so I wouldn’t want to comment on the dutch software development culture too much, but I’d expect there to be far less mangling of either language.Also, dutch uses the same subset of the Latin character set as english with hardly any additions (there are actually a few, but not that many and you can get around them) so I’d be surprised if a compiler would choke on correctly written dutch comments.

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A very inspiring post.Thank-you for indicating the crucial point that seeds encapsulate the embodied knowledge of many generations of farmers and gardeners.This heritage is now being stolen by the rich and powerful and turned to their ends of 'conquering' their fellows, while to produce this wealth of diversity are being ground into the dust.So saving and using our own seed is vital. is a very handy book and it focuses on food plants.I'm still at the beginners' stage, with easy species plants (often self-sowers as well) that won't make unwanted crosses with closely related plants growing nearby, like American land cress, Greek cress, mizuna, parsley, nasturtium, spinach, French marigold, borage, asparagus pea and the like, as well as the vegetative reproducers like salad potato varieties, strawberries and raspberries that tend to go wild. Some kinds of bean can be saved pretty easily too.Dancing with nature, as you so aptly put it, is really wonderful fun.

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